Ursula Kalin
the Veil Passenger

Welcome to UrsulaKalin.com


I would like to welcome you to my site.  I am a Spirit Medium gifted with intuitive senses that allow me to share with you the spiritual energy that surrounds you.  I have been blessed with these abilities and have been counselling individuals throughout my life.  I have created this site to allow you to interact with me personally and help you on your journey in this realm.  I have been blessed with the ability to perceive events, activities and spirits who surround us. I love to help others understand emotion, conflict or a sense of who we are in this human state. My services include spiritual readings where I am able to connect with the your guides to reveal what may be happening in one's life to assist in a sense of direction on where to go. I offer intuitive guidance and counseling to advise, assist, support, and enlighten.  My hope is to help people navigate the path ahead, overcome obstacles, develop a healthy lifestyle, find balance, and recognize their own greatness by revealing the best possibilities within their lives. I have gained a vast array of experience within a variety of modalities and use various methods when serving my clients….including Intuitive, Tarot, oracle cards, angel and spirit guide communication, clairvoyance, clairaudience.  In addition, to being a Grief and Spiritual Counselor, I am an Aura Reader.   Over the years, I have met some amazing people including family who have taught me how to remain spiritually centered and grounded while connected to everyday life. 



Internationally Known- Several years professional experience as a psychic reader, spiritual counselor, teacher and Aura Reader.
"From a very early age, as a little girl, I felt I was different. There was a special something, a sense of knowing which would just come to me. I would get a sense of what was going to happen or what people might say or think and then those things would come true. As I was growing up, my family was very interested in mysticism and esoteric practices; and so I learned many things which added to and supported my psychic talents.. Growing up in a family with roots down in the Bayou and Mississippi who were healers and mediums. My mother and grandmother both have the gift of sight, as well as other incredible gifts. I didn't not embrace my gifts until later in life,  Experiences with abusive relationships and well abusing myself as a young adult,which also makes me more compassonate to others misfortunates  experinces    experinces  life  because I can relate . . and  and with my intutiveness I can help you through it . I had to come full circler spiritually and mentally in order to except and embrace my gifts. People has always even as a child been drawn to me for advice and counseling. I remember growing up and my family going out on Sundays to our Family reader. My Mother talking openly about spirits that she was seeing and communicating with, as well as foreseeing things with amazing  accuracy. My Grandmother also spoke of other past family members sharing the same gifts, telling us stories of other family members experiences. As a Child, I thought this was normal, later finding out not everyone's family believed the way we did. Imagine my surprise when sharing the things that go on in my home was not the norm. This is a Gift, that I bring to you if you allow me. My Goal is to help as many people as I can. To enlighten and to bring closer to their true spiritual Being"
Ursula can bring her amazing gifts to your private party and is available by appointment.  Her accuracy has astounded those encountering her for the first time.  
Ursula is dedicated to helping the living and the deceased. She is a mother of 6 and  lives with her loving Husband and 2 youngster children in the Chicago Western suburbs

These pages are dedicated to the spirit and loving memory of my mother, Diane Brown and my father Cecil Johnson.